When I was little I saw kids doing these amazing Sports like soccer and skiing and swimming. I thought they were so cool because they just looked like superheroes to me when I was young.End I got myself determined to go outside and just play and bike or swim or stuff that made people look like superheroes. That’s why I think everyone should go outside and play sports and not sit inside play video games and rot your mind, the reason why I think that we should go outside and not play video games a ton is 1 there’s a whole lot to do 2 it’s good for you in three it’s very fun and is a good way to get fun without playing video games.

I think that people should go outside and play because  you can do a bunch of stuff outside a detail to support that not only is there a bunch of stuff to do  there’s healthy stuff to do for example you can bike and that’s very healthy and that’s very healthy. another detail to support the we should go outside and play because there’s a bunch of stuff to do is you can Go on a walk and do stuff  for example you could bring gloves and play with someone if not in a quarantine or you could play with your sister or brother or dad. the third and final  detail to support there’s a bunch of stuff to do outside is everyday when I walk outside there’s a bunch of stuff to do for example everyday I choose something to do whether it’s riding a bike or kicking a soccer ball or playing catch with my sister I always choose something to do because there’s so much to do.

I think that people should go outside because it’s good for you, a detail to support that is whenever I go outside and play with something is good for me for example every time I do something like run or jog or bike it’s really good for me and that’s why I do it quite often. Another detail to support that people should go outside because it’s good for you is whenever I’m inside I feel like I should be outside for example today I was inside and it just didn’t feel right so I went outside and I play it a little bit and I gardened a little bit and then afterwards I was feeling so much better. the third and final detail that supports you should go outside because it’s good for you is whenever I do stuff inside I feel like this is really fun but I could be outside and do stuff like that for example a couple weeks ago I was playing with my Legos and I thought it was really fun but then I realized it was a beautiful day outside  so I decided that little bit I’d go outside and play so that it kind of even stuff out a little bit.

The third and final reason why we should go outside more and play sports is it’s very fun and a good way to get fun without playing video games. one detail to support that we should go outside because it’s very fun and a good way to that fun without playing on video games is you can kind of make it until like a challenge but you can say I’m going to ride my bike to the stop sign on Main Street without having any hands on my bike until I need to stop.For example I usually set a goal for myself to do a certain thing everyday with Rich throwing my ball around or kicking a soccer ball or even gardening. Another detail  that supports that we should go outside because it’s very fun and a good way to get a source of fun without playing video games is you can walk outside and you can swing which is a very fun activity or throw a baseball or even swim sometimes.For example yesterday I decided I wanted to  punt a soccer ball so that’s what I did and there was really fun and I got a lot of exercise. The third and final detail that supports we should go outside because it’s very fun and a good way to get a source of fun without going on video games is you can wake up in the morning and go on a little fun jog down to the Waterfront or where there’s some wildlife and just what kind of wildlife while you run or even walk. For example do that stuff most days and it’s really fun and I would recommend it to a lot of people because you got to look at nature and see stuff wow getting exercise.

That’s why I think that we should play sports more or just get some exercise more because there’s a whole lot to do, it’s good for you, and it’s very fun and a good way to get fun without going on video games you should definitely go outside a lot and it’ll make you feel better and you’ll sleep better and if  you want to be healthier can you just go outside and play. that’s why people should go outside and play more because it’s fun it’s good for you and there’s a whole lot to do. 

terrific Tennessee

 when we were in Tennessee we stayed at a airbnb and the people owned the air bnb were people we knew and their names were Mike and Mary Lou I don’t exactly know how we know them but yeah I’m not sure how we knew them but they were very nice and Mama knew them pretty well. 

They had a small garden which was very beautiful and lived right by a lake which made it so that we could go to Toobing and the lake was called The Lazy River I think. We decided to go tubing on the Lazy River. The boat was really fast so we rode right along getting flung off from time to time because Mike was driving the boat and he did a very good job of bucking us off the tube.

During dinner we had hot dogs and some were even stuffed with cheese. It was so good. As we went to bed in the Basement which was very nice, I looked at the lake and it was so pretty the  Moon reflected on the lake making the water look magical. I fell asleep smiling knowing that the lake was magical. It was so magical in fact that it made little kids laugh and play and bring joy to a lot of people.

The next day when I woke up I woke up nice and early and immediately remembered last night and the beauty of the lake last night. The moon was still out but you could barely see it Because it was so faint in the pale blue sky. When we got out of bed and everyone had something to eat we decided to look at the lake for a little bit in the morning because it was so beautiful I remember wishing that I could be tubing there every day for the rest of my life.when we actually had breakfast I can’t completely remember what breakfast was but I think it was like pancakes scrambled eggs and some fruit and probably something sweet like cinnamon buns but bottom line was the breakfast was amazing.

Later in the day we went swimming off the dock for a little bit because  it was a hot day and we needed to cool off a little bit and we already had plans for going tubing later. Even later in the day when we went tubing  whenever I fell off I would like to spin on the water because the boat was going so fast. It was one of the best moments in the road trip aside from Dollywood but that’s a story for next time.

Meat Cove

Cloud had moved in. It was the morning after our arrival when we arrived at 11 at night at our Campground. In the morning when the clouds had come in there was a slight breeze, 

“Daddy, will there be a storm?”  I Asked no knowing if there would be a storm or not.

“I don’t know Jae but I’m glad we rented a cabin and we didn’t use tents” daddy said as more clouds rolled in.

Later in the day it got really windy and there was a little bit of rain but no snow because it wasn’t winter. Still during the day we saw like a tent just fly off because it was so windy it felt like we were in like remnants of a hurricane. We couldn’t really do anything because it was so windy that it was kind of dangerous to go anywhere on Meat Cove. 

As the day progressed the wind got stronger and stronger. When I saw that a tent had broken the cabin felt safer but also not as stable at the same time. As the sun started to set we started working on the chili we were going to make. We each got a bag of chips. I can’t remember what kind but they’re kind of like corn chips except they’re flat and curly.  as we sat down to eat our chili a huge gust of wind knocked a bowl of the chili down making that bowl of chili inedible.

The next morning the sun rose with no wind, it was a perfect day. As we went down to the beach we noticed that the tent that had broken was not there. As It had turned out that the people since their tent was broken they had decided that they would go somewhere else.When we got to the beach  I decided to wade in the river for a little bit. When I decided to go into the ocean I couldn’t go very far because of Riptides,The ocean was nice and salty but there was also a couple caves and since the summer heat was super hot we could stay in one of those little caves to keep cool. and it was really nice and the water in the river was so refreshing. When we were in one of those little caves cooling down we saw this boy like more of a teenager actually who is like climbing the quest a little bit and it was kind of cool but also a little scary seeing someone do that because if they aren’t following they could easily have died or broken a bone.” Mama that looks scary cuz That kind of stuff scares me when I see someone climbing something High” I said “because I have a big fear of heights.” As we packed up to go I started to really miss this place and I hope that I can come back sometime because I really enjoyed Meat Cove.



The book Skyward is about a girl named Spensa nightshade. Whose father was a star pilot and Spensa wanted to become a star pilot because she was Fascinated by star pilots and the star spiders and she knew all about them. but she also wanted to prove the other people wrong because in this huge battle called The Battle of Alta on This planet named Detritus and Spensas  was in the military star Pilots for their world or you could call it their Earth. He went out to fightTheir enemy who’s called the krell  and the krell only use 100 Starships at most.

and in the battle of Alta the krell used all hundred ships and I’m pretty sure that they used a life Buster which is a ship that goes incredibly slow because it’s carrying a bomb size of the ship itself so it has to go pretty slow and Spensas father had to go out and fight the crowd but then he thought that they were going to lose because they didn’t have enough ships so she started to fly away. his own white Squad had to shoot him down I don’t even really know why in the beginning but anyways during the Battle of Alta he was call the power and his family had to pay the price of it and they were branded cowards like mentally everyone called them cowards and that’s why I spend so wanted to right her fathers wrongs. 

This book is a nice mystery book  because she has to uncover the secrets hidden from her about her father and it’s also kind of violent because there are a lot of battles with the Crowell because she gets into the school but a lot of people know her actually not too many people know her but enough so that she’s not allowed to sleep  the girls dorms. 

There also isn’t the kind of food that we have. It’s like algae wraps which doesn’t sound amazing but when you’re living off scraps like that and You’re living in Caverns it seems to taste better, and at the flight school there’s actual food like bacon and cake but she’s not allowed to eat It The commander of the flight school knows that she was branded a coward Sochi didn’t let her do any of this stuff except for training.

I recommend this book to readers who like mystery long chapter books fantasy and books by the author Brandon Sanderson 

arlo finch and the valley of fire

This is a book Buzz about the Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire.

 Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire is a really good book and I’m glad that it made it onto the msba list because  it’s about this kid who just moved to Colorado and he hasn’t had any friends and his father the FBI is looking for him so he had to flee to China before they could find him. On Arlos his first day at school he meets one of his best friends he doesn’t know yet but later in the book Wu is one of his best friends. Arlo is a very interesting character and what he doesn’t know about is the fact that there’s this thing called Rangers which is like a year round camp where people learn how to do stuff like there’s this thing called Snap lights & Thunder claps but there’s also these really cool magical creatures. The thing that makes Rangers special and different from other camps is the fact that there’s something called the Long Woods and that’s where they find all those creatures and stuff and like not only are there creatures but like that’s what lets them do snap lights and thunder claps. Rangers are also from a lot of different states rather than just Colorado there’s some in different countries like China.

Arlo joins the Rangers and he realizes that he kind of fits in in the Rangers and it really brings him happiness but also he is wanted by these eldritch people and eldritch is like otherworldly people. 

I hope you enjoyed this book Buzz I will be doing one on Arlo Finch in the Lake of the Moone and Arlo thinks in the Kingdom of Shadows later this year probably.

Thank you 

A Traumatizing Experience

My heart pounded so hard I was surprised it didn’t jump right out I was speeding extremely on my unsharpened skies. air being forced down my lungs, out of control on the hardest trail at lost valley. I take a breath and remember my first time I went skiing I laugh in my head and the first time I fell down on my skis: crash tumble, I fell and said, “I can’t ski!” frustratedly, my ski instructor told me that it’s “really hard work.” so again and again I tried. Each time getting more and more frustrated with each time I fell. 

My ski instructor told me it natural to stink at things at first. But I just got angrier and angrier. At last, I asked frustratedly  “Why can’t I ski!?” “it’s really hard but you can’t quit.” my ski instructor said. “ just take a breath” but I couldn’t take a breath my face turning red tears pouring down my eyes “I can’t ski” I yelled at the top of my lung. Then silently I tried taking a breath. It wonderful it was as if it had unclogged my brain completely I tried going down a green circle I wobbled a bit but I didn’t fall! It was wonderettes at long last I had learned how to ski  I had done it. It felt really amazing the air rushing down my lungs. and what a feeling to be rushing down a mountain trees rushed by’ I felt like I was at the top of the world going faster and faster until out of nowhere a tree came into view then crash! I hit the tree with a defining crack! I was ok but I ached all over. “well at least it’s a start.” my ski instructor had told me, again and again, I tried until finally, I did it. I had gotten the hang of it. Still, a little wobble but it was ok It felt wonderful doing it what was once a struggle, felt like a breeze we did a couple more trail runs, then I met up with dad my smile so big I was surprised it didn’t stretch right off. When we got to the main lodge told exceptional stories over burgers fries and onion rings as we told stories the food tasted extra delicious and I told him about falling and being angry about not being able to ski and saying stuff about not being able to ski and crying about it and sore   I told him about my day and how I learned to ski and how it was a perfect idea. 

Suddenly my mind flings back to life I’m falling trees rush by as if they’re in a big hurry I’m going to hit a bench oh no. I thought. It would have been a really impressive breathtaking award-winning night if I wasn’t out of control speeding down the hardest trail at lost valley.  “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed. I knew I was going to crash but I was so out of control I couldn’t fall down next thing I know I’m skidding across a cement walkway I hit my head on a bench I blackout for two seconds when I do wake up I’m surrounded by a bunch of people my dad amongst them dad walks right up to me and says “are you ok?” All the ache hits my body in one short burst. “I’ve been better but I’ll be alright I guess.” after that, I got offered free hot cocoa but I declined but I didn’t decline a free ski sharpening I did one more ski trail before heading in. I got a better than ever cheeseburger with loads of ketchup and some french fries then we hit the slopes again me a little shaken up and falling twice and being very scared of heights but a little bit of caution is healthy when we got home I told my mother about my scary crash and my bruises. My mother was terrified when I told her the story and nearly fainted when I told her about the bruises and cuts and scrapes. 

I had learned my lesson about being too courageous and Ambitious.